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Circulo Fortuny

Activities 2017

22nd February: Círculo Fortuny invites Norman Foster to participate in ARCOmadrid2017. The British architect, after an overview of his experiences with the world of art both in domestic and professional settings, has emphasised the strong connections that exist between art, design, and architecture.

8th May: IE, new academic partner, will promote together with Círculo Fortuny the research of the Premium and Luxury sector, as well as the collaboration in forums and conferences related to the Luxury industry and that are of interest to both entities.

8th June: Fernando Caruncho Garden & Architecture, Círculo Fortuny’s associate, makes an open day for Círculo Fortuny’s membership hosting a concert of Spanish music by Sylvia Torán pianist.

30th June: Círculo Fortuny participates in Berlin in the first European Excellence Summit promoted by ECCIA.
This meeting of the European Cultural and Creative high-end Industries and the European Institution representatives, served to highlight how this sector, with a unique business model and its specificities contributes to the competitiveness, wealth generation and employment opportunities in the European economy.

15th September: Círculo Fortuny held for the first time in Barcelona its annual conference (Fortuny Day). The workshop was dedicated to a topic currently of big interest: “The challenge of digital experience in the high-end industry”. On the occasion of the 6th Fortuny Day, Ian Rogers, Chief Digital Officer of LVMH Group, came to Barcelona to share his expertise in the impact of digital revolution in the high-end industry.

During the event, other experts and sector senior positions participated as Sébastian Badault (MD France & Global BD Leader for Luxury Brands Category de Alibaba Group), Aleix Valls (Digital Senior Advisor Grupo Colonial), Borja González del Regueral (Vicedean IE School of Human Sciences & Technology) and José Mª Folache (CEO of TOUS).

Circulo Fortuny

Activities 2016

21 July 2016: Presentation of the communication campaign #Commited to heritage and creativity in collaboration with UNESCO in the framework of ECCIA European context. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the need to promote creativity -as a vehicle for change in societies -and the preservation of cultural heritage- which is essential in terms of creating a collective memory.

12 October 2016: Carlos Falcó speaks on behalf of ECCIA at the high-level conference “The Cultural and Creative Industries: Jobs, Growth and Europe’s Digital Future” where he highlights the luxury industry’s commitment towards enhancing professional training as a strategy for fostering entrepreneurship and employment among young people.

28 November 2016: Círculo Fortuny dedicated the celebration of V Fortuny Day to highlighting the importance of craftsmanship and its evolution into iconic brands of excellence.
At the invitation of the association, the Executive Vice-President of Hermès, President of ECCIA and Chairman of the Comité Colbert, Mr. Guillaume De Seynes, attended the event to explain the trajectory and values of Hermès, a maison that—through tradition and innovation—is infused with extraordinary artisanal value.

16 December 2016: In just five years, Círculo Fortuny grows from eight founding partners to 62 members. The association previews a study entitled, “Shopping Tourism in Spain: 2016 tax-free sales advanced closing and 2017 forecasts” from its corporate partner, Global Blue.

Circulo Fortuny

Activities 2015

16 June 2015: Círculo Fortuny participates in a meeting with the other ECCIA members and other high level representatives of fashion and high-end industries in a forum chaired by Ms. Bieńkowska, EU Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepeneurship and SMEs. An assessment of the Action Plan for fashion and high-end industries set out on December 2013 to maintain the industry competitiveness, growth and jobs in Europe, has been made during the meeting. The reinforcement of our substantial contribution to the European economy will strongly depend on our ability to preserve the desirability and quality of our products, to use stable and secure distribution networks, to promote non-technological innovation, while at the same time ensuring consumer trust in the authenticity of our products. Additionally, ECCIA representatives highlighted concrete actions to reach the above-mentioned challenges: strengthening the European framework of intellectual property protection; defining the rights and duties of all actors of the digital value chain; promoting skills and vocational training.

18 June 2015: Círculo Fortuny dedicates its IV Fortuny Day to the luxury sector and shopping tourism. Spain is one of the countries that receives the highest number of tourists, but it must still make an effort to attract high-end tourism that results in greater spending on the consumption of high-end Spanish services and products.

2 July 2015: Círculo Fortuny partnered with Walpole, the UK’s alliance of high-end brands, at an exclusive dinner at the Spanish Ambassador’s residence in London on Thursday 2nd July to reinforce international recognition of Spanish excellence. The event marked Círculo Fortuny’s debut in London and the organisation’s first collaboration with Walpole. This was the first in a series of presentations to take place in key European countries in collaboration with other members of the European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance (ECCIA).

18 September 2015: Carlos Falcó, Chairman of Círculo Fortuny emphasised during his participation in the European Tourism Forum 2015 that ECCIA strongly supports the European Commission’s proposal for a comprehensive and ambitious review of the EU visa code, which we believe will enable the EU to fully grasp the potential of its tourism policy.

18 December 2015: Círculo Fortuny reaches 50 members at the end of the year.

Circulo Fortuny

Activities 2014

January 2014: Círculo Fortuny’s membership reaches 33 members: the Association triples its membership in two years. With support from the Spanish government and the European Commission, Círculo Fortuny reinforces its global influence as a representative of high-end Spanish brands.

February 2014: ECCIA’s executive team attends a working lunch with Spanish Permanent Representative to the EU, Ambassador Dastis Quecedo. Once again, this meeting is a great opportunity to maintain and strengthen relations with key EU stakeholders and bring issues of importance for the European high-end sector to their attention.

March 2014: European Commission’s Communication for a “European industrial renaissance”: Círculo Fortuny and ECCIA support this effort that identifies the European high-end cultural and creative industries as a model to follow for Europe’s industrial renaissance. Based on European values such as quality, excellence and creativity, Europe’s high-end cultural and creative industries play a pivotal role as drivers of the region’s competitiveness, growth, and employment.

April 2014: Círculo Fortuny receives a letter from the Spanish Prime Minister, H.E. Mariano Rajoy, stating that the Spanish Government has been actively involved in European initiatives designed to support high-end industries.
Rajoy also asserts that the Government will continue to make every effort to support the economic sector represented by Círculo Fortuny.

26 May 2014: III Fortuny Day celebration serves as a forum to showcase the potential of Spanish culture and creativity in the luxury sector, in high-end tourism, and in the creation of the Spain Brand.

9 December 2014: In the presence of the European Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Elżbieta Bieńkowska, and of Members of the European Parliament from the main political groups, a new study prepared by Frontier Economics for ECCIA (European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance) was launched today at the European Parliament. The report analyses the contribution of luxury sector to the European economy, highlighting that:
• The value of goods and services produced by the sectors grew by nearly 28% between 2010 and 2013.
• The sector has created close to 200,000 jobs over the same time period.
• If UE luxury sectors, taken collectively, represented a country, they would be the seventh largest economy in the UE and the 20th largest economy in the world.

15 December 2014: Círculo Fortuny reaches 40 membership’s brands.

Circulo Fortuny

Activities 2013

Activities throughout 2013: participation in different European initiatives regarding the protection of cultural and creative prestigious brands in on-line world; participation in European economic missions to strategic areas as Rusia; Círculo Fortuny is involved in the Dual Year Spain-Japan 2013-2014 in the celebration context of 400 years of bilateral relations between Spain and Japan.

June 2013: Círculo Fortuny represents Spain among the big-name brands brought together by Financial Times to participate in “Business of Luxury Summit 2013”. Mr. Carlos Falcó has been invited to participate as speaker and only representative from Spain and ECCIA in the summit.

14 May 2013: II Fortuny Day celebration. The European Commission, the Spanish Government, and Círculo Fortuny support the High-End sector as a driver to emerge from the crisis. H.E. Mr. Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, has chosen Círculo Fortuny to present its plan for support to the High-End Industry.

March 2013: Mr Carlos Falcó, Executive President of Círculo Fortuny, actively participated on behalf the Association in several academic-cultural conferences as “15th Luxury Goods Industry Meeting” – IESE Business School.

February 2013: Círculo Fortuny supports through ECCIA legislative proposal for the reform of the European Directive regarding trademark regulation. The suggested changes should better safeguard the protection of the European consumers, business operators and trademarks in clearly restating that the detention of counterfeit goods in the EU, regardless of their customs regime or country of destination, infringes trademark rights.

January 2013: Círculo Fortuny participates in the EC’s mission to Republic of Peru and Chile organised by the Vice-President of the EC office, H.E. Mr. Antonio Tajani.

Circulo Fortuny

Activities 2012

November 2012: Círculo Fortuny participates in the Walpole Awards for Excellence 2012 and in the events around the “Gold Medal Gala” promoted by Queen Sofía Spanish Institute.

15 October 2012: Círculo Fortuny, along with the other four European associations forming part of the ECCIA, takes part in the Altagamma Observatory, at which European Commission Vice President, H.E. Antonio Tajani announces the political action plan for safeguarding the competitiveness of the European luxury goods industry.

1 July 2012: On the occasion of the first anniversary of the free trade agreement between the European Union and South Korea, Círculo Fortuny, through ECCIA, fully endorses the European Commission’s firm commitment to eliminate trade barriers.

28 June 2012: Círculo Fortuny, through the ECCIA, endorses the G20 leaders’ declaration recognising tourism as a vehicle for job creation.

19 June 2012: Círculo Fortuny takes part in the second forum tackling the competitiveness of the fashion and cultural and creative industries together with European Commission Vice President, H.E. Antonio Tajani as part of ongoing work by the Commission to draft new industry policy, ultimately adopted this autumn.

5 June 2012: Círculo Fortuny, along with the other four European associations forming part of the ECCIA, at an event attended by European Commission Vice President, Antonio Tajani, presents the report prepared by Frontier Economics on the value of the cultural and creative industries to the European economy.

26 May 2012: Círculo Fortuny participates in the second edition of the Craftsmanship and Luxury Seminar at Madrid’s Costume Museum conceived of to generate design-driven synergies between luxury goods and craftsmanship.

11 May 2012: Celebration of the first edition of Fortuny Day. Summit between the European Union, the Spanish government and representatives of the luxury cultural and creative industries organised by Círculo Fortuny to foster high-level discussion of the importance of projecting a strong national image in order to benefit the economy and accurately portray Spain’s cultural heritage, ability to innovate and manufacturing excellence.

May 2012: Círculo Fortuny participates in the EC’s mission to the US, Mexico and Colombia, representing ECCIA.

March 2012: Círculo Fortuny welcomes seven new members.

February 2012: Círculo Fortuny participates in the official presentation of the study performed by the IE Business School’s Premium and Prestige Business Observatory. Círculo Fortuny accordingly achieves legitimacy in the eyes of Spain’s academics.

December 2011: Círculo Fortuny, representing the European luxury goods industry through the ECCIA, takes part in a business delegation visit to Brazil to negotiate market opening. Círculo Fortuny accordingly achieves the status of European sector business association.

November 2011: Círculo Fortuny is invited to form part of the advisory panel to European Commission Vice President, H.E. Antonio Tajani, on value of the luxury and fashion sectors to European growth and competitiveness. Círculo Fortuny is accordingly acknowledged as a legitimate platform vis-à-vis the European Union.

Circulo Fortuny


To achieve the objectives, Círculo Fortuny develops the following activities:

DEFENSE OF THE UNIQUENESS AND IMPORTANCE OF THE SECTOR, to seek recognition by the authorities, regulators and the Spanish business world as a key sector for economic development.

COLLABORATION WITH OTHER ORGANIZATIONS, AT NATIONAL OR INTERNATIONAL LEVEL, in the interests of Circulo Fortuny, its industries, products and services.

PROMOTION OF LEGAL ASPECTS DESIGNED TO DEFEND THE PRIORITIES OF THE SECTOR including the protection of intellectual property. Development of actions aiming the opening up of new markets and the outreach of the industries represented by Círculo Fortuny.

ORGANIZATION OF EVENTS AND ANY OTHER PUBLIC RELATIONS, marketing or meetings with the media to promote and improve the perception of Society towards the high-end brands.


ORGANIZATION OF SEMINARS, TRAINING ACTIVITIES AND SECTORIAL REPORTS that serve as informative instruments of the value created by the associated companies.

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