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For the first time, Circulo Fortuny meets in Barcelona for tis annual conference to address the challenges of the digital expereince in the high-end sector


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  • The event, which focused on a topic of great interest — “The challenge of the digital experience in the high-end sector” — took place for the first time in Barcelona.
  • Ian Rogers, Chief Digital Officer of the LVMH Group, visited Barcelona to attend the 6th Fortuny Day and share his experience of the digital transformation in the high-end sector.
  • Also participating in the event were industry experts and senior officials, like Sébastien Badault (MD France & Global BD Leader for Luxury Brands Category at Alibaba Group), Aleix Valls (Digital Senior Advisor, Grupo Colonial), Borja González del Regueral (Vice Dean of the IE School of Human Sciences & Technology), and José Mª Folache (CEO of TOUS).
  • The sector accounts for 4% of Europe’s GDP, 17% of the continent’s exports, and represents 1.5 million skilled jobs across Europe.


Barcelona, September 2017. Círculo Fortuny, a Spanish association representing high-end Spanish companies and industries, dedicated the 6th edition of Fortuny Day to the challenges posed by the digital experience in the high-end sector. The event took place this morning at the Capella Convent dels Àngels (MACBA), with industry experts in attendance.

The rise of digital marketing is changing the way luxury brands relate to their customers. Traditional companies must choose between applying online technologies or being left behind. At the 6th Fortuny Day, discussions focused on the risks and opportunities of luxury brands, a sector that accounts for 4% of European GDP and 17% of the continent’s exports1, with increasing reliance on digital technology.

The 6th Fortuny Day began with a welcome address from Ainhoa Grandes (President of the Fundación MACBA – honorary member of Círculo Fortuny), followed by representatives of the association, Mr. Carlos Falcó (Chief Executive of Círculo Fortuny) and Mr. Enrique Loewe (Honorary President of Círculo Fortuny). As CEO of Círculo Fortuny, Mr. Carlos Falcó remarked, “The main challenge for the sector is to take advantage of digital technology without compromising the core values of the brand,” in reference to the event’s theme.


At the invitation of the association, Chief Digital Officer at the LVMH Group, Ian Rogers, attended the event to explain, “The impact of the digital revolution on the high-end industry,” pointing out that “The challenge that brands face today is the cultural change prompted by the internet, which alters customers’ daily lives, what they value, how they experience culture, and above all, how they perceive and buy luxury goods.”


Sébastien Badault, MD France & Global BD Leader for Luxury Brands Category at Alibaba Group, focused his speech on “The new digital era of luxury in Asia,” noting that “The changes that are reconfiguring the industry are highly visible in a market as important as China, where the digital transformation is in full swing and the pace of innovation affecting the luxury sector is incredible. The Chinese consumer does not buy a brand, but a story.”


After the presentations, a roundtable discussion took place on “Good digital marketing practices in the luxury sector.” The discussion was moderated by the Digital Senior Advisor of Grupo Colonial, Aleix Valls, and included participation from the speakers, as well as Círculo Fortuny members José Mª Folache (CEO of TOUS) and Borja González del Regueral (Vice Dean of the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology). During the exchange, Mr. Folache remarked, “The biggest challenge for the future of accessible, luxury retail is to manage the dialogue we create and maintain with our consumers.” For his part, Mr. González de Regueral added, “High-end companies have to think of themselves as technological entities and redefine their competitive environment by attracting younger consumers through the creation of a brand experience.


 1 ECCIA study – Frontier Economics 2014



Círculo Fortuny was set up as a non-profit entity on 12 May 2011 in order to bring Spain’s luxury creative and cultural brands together under a single platform with one voice so as to promote and support its members and, more broadly, to help fortify Spain’s brand equity.


It is the only association accepted abroad as the legitimate voice and representative of Spain’s high-end goods and services companies and industries towards international organizations and institutions. Círculo Fortuny takes its name from Mariano Fortuny Madrazo, Spanish painter, printmaker, photographer, stage designer and textile, fashion and set designer. He is considered one of the twentieth century’s best creative minds.


Círculo Fortuny first actions took place in 2009 for defending the common position of the cultural and creative prestige Spanish brands towards the legal framework reform of distribution at European level.


In April 10th 2010 a new legal framework that recognizes the specificity of the cultural and creative prestige brand sector based on its value as an economic engine, was approved.

The formal setting-up of the association took place in May 2011 with a solid legal framework for members who wish to join the project and a firm commitment from the founders’ partners.



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