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NH Collection

A stay driven by extraordinary feelings

Established in 2014 in the upper-upscale segment, NH Collection has hotels in the best possible locations in the main capital cities of Europe and Latin America. Unique, distinctive and authentic buildings, they conserve their local charm to inspire and captivate their guests.

Always determined to go one step beyond guests’ expectations, these hotels are carefully conceived for those who want to make the most of their stay.

NH Collection creates extraordinary experiences that blend thoughtful attention to detail, outstanding services, premium innovative products, state-of-the-art technology and genuine local gastronomy, which will culminate into an unmatched stay, that guests will always remember, want to come back to and even take home with them.

In NH Collection, guests feel the place, being able to live an authentic cultural experience, getting to connect with the destination, making the location the best memory of their trip and exploring the soul of the place they are staying in.

They feel inspired by the outstanding buildings with fabulous surroundings and the eclectic elegant atmospheres, indulging all their senses, discovering enriching experiences and charming stories and places.

And, naturally, they feel unique, rejoicing in outstanding service. Guests live an unmatched experience where small, unexpected touches make the difference, turning the NH Collection experience into something extraordinary.

Last but not least, NH Collection provides inspiring, flexible and appropriate zones for all Meeting and Event activities, to enable those attending to develop the highest level of creativity and enjoyment.

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