Loewe and Felipe Conde, Luthier, members of Círculo Fortuny, participate in London Craft Week 2017

| 27 March 2017

From 3-7 May, London hosts the third edition of London Craft Week 2017, an annual event showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. Recherché workshops, renowned master craftsmen, famous studios, galleries, stores and high-end brands from the four corners of the world will gather in a fusion of manufacturing, design, fashion, art, luxury, gastronomy, culture and shopping.

Círculo Fortuny, the only Spanish association recognised internationally as a representative of Spain’s high-end brands and industries, will be represented through the participation of two of its members: Loewe and Felipe Conde, Luthier.

Felipe Conde is a third-generation craftsman of Spanish guitars and an icon of the best of Spanish artisanry.  His guitars are recognised worldwide for their sound, power, and quality.

He will give a demonstration of the manufacturing process of one of his guitars, followed by a recital from flamenco legend, Juan Martín.

“Craftsmanship represents the body and soul of everything I make with my children at our workshop on calle Arrieta 4 in Madrid. I am proud to be able to participate in this exposition that showcases the work of all kinds of artisans and makes it accessible to the people. The design of London Craft Week is superb and I hope that events like this serve as catalyst to return craftsmanship to its rightful place. We’ll certainly do our part.”   

Felipe Conde, Luthier

Date: Wednesday, 3 May at 7 p.m. at the Club Home House, 20 Portman Square, London W1H 6LW.

More information and reservations: http://www.londoncraftweek.com/events/guitarr%C3%ADsimo-spanish-guitar-making-and-playing-home-house

Loewe will participate once again in London Craft Week with the exhibition “Loewe: This is home”, a universe encompassing various product categories with a unique design that combines the inspiration of different art forms with LOEWE’s exceptional techniques and the experience of select collaborators.

The collection, which includes furniture, lamps, blankets, ceramics, and cushions, was conceived by creative director, Jonathan Anderson, who sees it as a skyline of artisanal compositions: “It’s a patchwork collage of information: braided wicker, the star motif, English carpentry, woven tapestries. I like to think that fashion can seep into the home, bringing together different artisans to design new physical forms and apply the craft to the home. That’s how the LOEWE character works.”

Date: 3-21 May, at the Liberty department store, 4th floor, Regent Street, Carnaby London W1B 5AH.

More information: http://www.londoncraftweek.com/events/loewe-home#sthash.fKdOAoQD.dpbs

Official opening of the exposition: 4 May at 5:30 p.m.

  1. Anderson, Creative Director of Loewe, will discuss craftsmanship with The Telegraph Luxury media. http://www.londoncraftweek.com/events/loewe-conversation-craft-jonathan-anderson#sthash.JXc2ef9K.dpbs
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