Bodega Numanthia


(Español) Bodega Numanthia, una historia de resistencia

Located in Valdefinjas, Castile and León in the Northwest of Spain, Bodega Numanthia is a living tribute to the ancient city of Numancia, whose inhabitants chose death over the face of Roman invasion.

Bodega Numanthia vineyards have showed throughout the years the same resilience and tenacity: they have been able to resist to the time passing, to the extreme climate conditions but above all to the Phylloxera plague who wiped out almost every vineyard in Europe during the 19th century.

Created in 1998, Bodega Numanthia is composed of 83 hectares (205 acres) planted from a single indigenous grape variety – Tinta de Toro, a member of the Tempranillo family specifically adapted to the Toro region.

The vineyards are a patchwork of more than one hundred tiny plots with vines aged between 50 and 120 years old and producing in average 1,800 kilograms per hectare; amongst the lowest yields in the world. The complexity and richness of the wines take root in the diverse terroirs found throughout the Toro region and in the balance achieved by these century-old vines.

The production and selection of only the best grapes from the Toro terroir is the foundation of the wine portfolio. Numanthia is a subtle blend of the finest terroir offering a unique balance of power and elegance; this wine embodies Bodega Numanthia’s name and values. Termanthia is the ultimate expression of the Tinta de Toro, crafted from 120-year old vines. It delivers fruit intensity and impressive full body as well as elegance and complexity.