Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The most important part of a hat is who wears it.

At BALEL, they have revived the best millinery techniques and tools which were used over a hundred years ago and that made an art of the production process. With them, they produce a variety of hats, whether for special occasions or for everyday use. They use the best quality and take care of every detail, even those that remain hidden, so that the pieces become even more charming over time.

To make the hats in an artisanal way, Balel offer their customers the possibility of designing custom pieces just for them. To assure a unique result, they advise so that the hat style, shape and colour flatters them the most, taking into consideration their face shape, style and personality.

Balel believes in the hat as a common everyday accesory, not just for certain special occasions, which is why they strive to make them versatile and highly combinable. In addition, a maintenance service is offered to their clients, since pieces like these may require to make sure they are always in perfect condition, such as cleaning, ironing or changing the ribbons and adornments.