GANDIABLASCO 1941 – 2017
More than a furniture…

The company GANDIABLASCO was founded in 1941.

Passion for outside life has led us to think of and develop products to be enjoyed in any urban, publico or rural space. Furniture designs inspired in contemporary architecture for the creation of outdoor spaces sober and elegant.


We also explore inside life, base on carpets that transform into textile furniture, creating singular spaces. Is the GAN essence, the indoor brand of GANDIABLASCO.

Design, quality, multi-culture, hedonism…these are our values


With the maturity and proven track record of 75 years under our belt at GANDIABLASCO, we have decided to launch a new challenge, DIABLA. Is not only a new outdoor furniture brand, but an entirely new approach to enjoying the outdoors.

Came from the constant relationship with emerging designers through workshops, design fairs, the International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest that we organise every year, the hundreds of proposals received… we want to allow for emerging talent with the edition of fresh and creative products for sale online.

Our passion for architecture, art, aesthetics and life enjoyment are our differentiating elements. Values that define our design culture. Internationality has always been in our DNA. We are on all 5 continents, with 15 showrooms from New York to Hong Kong.


Our short/mid-term projects are to continue growing in the international market, by forming subsidiaries in Asia in addition to new product lines to enjoy outdoors 365 days of the year.