Osborne Vinos Viejos


Bodegas Osborne wine treasures

The wines known as old wines are the most outstanding oenological jewels of Osborne bodegas founded in 1772 by the young English gentleman Thomas Osborne. There are barrels, with over a century of history, enclosing the mystery of Sherry. These wines are catalogued by the Jerez-Xerez-Sherry D.O. Regulating Council as VORS (Very Old Rare Sherry) having the maximum, both national and international, recognition.

The Osborne family continues to produce, using the traditional soleras y criaderas method, these complex wines for the delight of the most demanding tasters. The production is limited due to the delicate process followed as well as its prolonged ageing. However the most famous prescriptors have had the opportunity to taste these wines which have acheived high grades. This is the case of Pedro Ximénez Viejo which obtained 98 Parker points, the highest mark achieved by a Jerez area wine.

These relica are kept in a preferential area of the Osborne bodegas in El Puerto de Santa María. Away from noise and resting in semi-darkness, the barrels harmonize the fruit of the Palomino Fino or Pedro Ximénez grapes until they reach the appropriate ageing degree. The place where all these jewels are kept together is known as the Sacristía thus the wines being named likewise.  At present the commercialization of these wines is limited since their production is scarce and they are exclusively dedicated to special customers, specialised wine shops, gourmet stores, national and international tasting contests and needless to say, for the Osborne family.

We can find a wide range of old wines from the driest to the sweetest, all having historical names referring to their origin; these wines are between 30 and 40 years of age.

  • Amontillado 51-1ª (V.O.R.S.): Vintage founded 1830
  • Capuchino (V.O.R.S.): Vintage founded 1790
  • Sibarita (V.O.R.S.): Vintage founded 1792
  • Venerable (V.O.R.S.): Vintage founded 1902
  • Amontillado Solera AOS: Vintage founded 1903
  • Palo Cortado Solera PAP: Vintage founded 1911
  • Oloroso Solera BC 200: Vintage founded 1864
  • Oloroso Solera India: Vintage founded 1922
  • Pedro Ximénez Viejo (V.O.R.S.): Vintage founded 1905