Sara Navarro


A proposal for excellence and elegance.

A hundred years, three generations… This is only the beginning of the story…

Sara Navarro became a brand in 1980 within the business group “Komfort Spain, S.L.”. Its genesis derives from a family legacy that began with the grandfather of the designer, Juan Navarro Oriente and continued with his son, Juan Navarro Busquier, who with just 16 years founded “Calzados Oriente”, the Navarro family workshop in 1946.

During the 70s, the company acquires new dimensions; other lines are born that complement the traditional ones: Kurboys, East, etc. This ensures the evolution and modernization of the company, which culminated in the 1980s with the launch of the SARA NAVARRO brand.

Collecting the witness of this tradition of wrapping the feet with the highest quality and comfort, the firm puts all its creativity and energy in the continuity of the family business. Today the brand lives a moment of fullness as an icon of excellence and takes positions to definitively consolidate in the global scenario.

Throughout her career, the designer has developed a unique concept with perfumed shoes in her creations, identifying the brand by its corporate colors: the energy of the cherry and the wealth of gold. The respect and care of the sensitivity of the foot is the priority of the brand, as well as that their shoes are characterized by a great comfort, a decisive attribute at the time of purchase.

That character drives the brand towards the international market with a new concept of luxury that does not forget the respect for tradition, the artisan legacy and the importance of pleasure when walking

SARA NAVARRO is, from its beginnings, one of the most relevant icons of the footwear industry in Spain and an international reference.

The language that distils the designs of this brand comes from the soul that the shoes own, that radiate authenticity, intuitively attract by its design and perfection and are recognized by an original style.

The leitmotiv of the brand is to grow, evolve, innovate and create.
”Passion is the engine of evolution”; with this slogan the collection of luxury footwear Haute Chaussure Pour Sybarites is born.