Vega Sicilia


The best wine is yet to come.

Today Tempos Vega Sicilia is much more than wine; it´s symbol of a job well done, of the value of waiting for excellence. It is the result the land´s wisdom, of time and all those who believed in it and continue to believe. The ultimate aim of Tempos Vega Sicilia is to become a world leader with a unique culture, based on the continuous seek for excellence, harmony with nature and unlimited rigorousness and dedication.

All thanks to the work of an exceptional team, principles and values that transcend the people, both past and future generations who lead the way.  We feel captivated by land, its roots, its strength and energy.. We admire its endless wisdom, respect its timing and learn from its pace and lifecycles.

This is why our highest ambition is live in harmony with nature, protecting, looking after and pampering it, in order to preserve its future.  Our spirit of commitment relies on the energy, effort, respect and dedication of a team that takes special care in every single detail.

This work philosophy is a true reflection of love, commitment and hope which move and encourage us each day.  Our desire to excel guides us. For this reason we tirelessly nourish our knowledge through research, education and experience.  This approach of ongoing improvement is possible thanks to patience and self-control, professionalism and meticulousness with which Vega Sicilia confronts each challenge.  Our goal is to reach the soul of things, rescuing what is truly important and valuing the original, tradition.  Therefore, our approach for the future is nourished by rigor and discipline, honesty and integrity, extracting the natural and genuine, always learning from the authentic.