The aim and mission of Círculo Fortuny is to represent and enhance Spanish excellence, creativity and culture. A sustainable excellence that is representative of our history and our passion for life.


Passion for excellence

The origin of creativity and culture always comes from the great tradition of the peoples. It has been in this context, fed by memory, tradition and time, where the identity of our culture is generated and it is in this original magma of popular art that we find true excellence. Raised by creativity and innovation have emerged the companies and artisans that form part of Círculo Fortuny today, representatives of Spanish savoir-faire that makes us see the present with optimism and guides us to the future.

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We unite Spanish sector of prestige cultural and creative brands to promote and defend their own entity.

Craftsmanship is the essence of excellence

Soon more information about our project “In the Master Craftsman’s Hands”

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