Requirements for membership

Círculo Fortuny membership for natural or legal persons, owners of brands originating in Spain, is possible as long as they maintain strong links with Spain and meet certain requirements.

Requirements for Spanish brands for recognition by Cícrulo Fortuny:

_QUALITY: the brand linked to products or premium services that exemplify the highest standards in quality, style, image, service level, design (if any), creativity and innovation.

_EXCELLENCE IN PRODUCTION PROCESSES AND / OR THE PROVISION OF SERVICES: The brand must correspond to products manufactured or services provided with the highest standards of excellence, specially handicrafts.

_CREATIVITY: The brand must identify products or services resulting from a relevant creative process.

_IDENTITY: Strong identity well received by the recipients of products or services marketed by the candidate.

_INTERNATIONAL FOCUS: the brand must have an international reputation or its owner should be striving to promote through international channels.

_SELECTIVE DISTRIBUTION: in case of products, distribution must follow selective criteria.

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